Dr. Eduardo de Santibañes

Presentation Letter

This website is designed to help patients, students, doctors and surgeons, to find information related to my professional activities.

They will find information about my background, education and professional training, academic and scientific programs we lead.

My specialization area is the liver diseases, pancreas and biliary tract surgery.

Liver Transplantation,benign and malignant liver tumors.

The significant medicine progress allows a modern way to treat a patient, this requires a multidisciplinary teamwork composed of (surgeons, hepatologists, clinical oncologists, imaging specialists, pathologists, anesthesiologists, pain specialists and psychologists etc.) who understand the patient needs, so both, can be connected for the best results. This is one of the objectives of this website.

At the bottom you will also find my contact information.

With my warmest regards,

Dr. Eduardo de Santibañes

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Service Chief - General Surgery

Liver Transplant Unit Chief

Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires